Barbara D'Ercole

Barbara D’Ercole has been a professional interior designer for over twenty years. Her long list of returning clients include many Silicon Valley, San Francisco, and New York executives, as well as her recent expansion to Carmel-by-the-Sea.

She understands that your home is an extension of you and should make you feel happy and comfortable. Barbara's designs fit your specific needs and desires. Using precise attention to detail, Barbara will transform your room into a harmonious, comfortable, elegant space. By mixing furniture, color, light and texture, she strives to always create the perfect space for you.

Whether that means a full renovation of a bathroom, purchase of your first home, or a refresh on your home away from home, Barb is there to help! She has worked from young families with busy life styles to individuals enjoying their retirement. Barbara is very experienced in a wide range of design aesthetics. We know that you will find her approach not only refreshing, but uplifting as well. Her nonstop search for evolving ideas will help small, medium, or large renovations and remodels. Her final goal is the dream home for you.

Barbara D'Ercole Design has a passion in the details and works to create inviting spaces that are livable, warm and refined. Each project is unique and personal. Barbara is passionate about all aspects of interior design, and finds finds inspiration in many places. She loves how all the elements of design come together to create a cohesive space.

In addition to the personal design process, Barbara D'Ercole Design has a full design and sample studio that includes manufacturers from all over the world. This stunning studio is constantly updated to provide inspiration and make projects go easier.

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